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Legal Representation for Everyone

We here at Stone Counsel are just like you. We have homes, families, businesses and experience all of the responsibilities and problems that go along with them. We have also seen and experienced how legal concerns can develop and interfere with your life.

Real People Need Real Answers

While everyone needs a thought partner to work through life’s problems, most people never reach out for legal representation or counsel due to fear of costs, shyness, confusion and, most of all, lack of trust. The first step towards getting the help you need is to dip your toe in the water with an initial get-to-know-us consultation.

We have the skill and experience, so, if you are comfortable with us, you will be on your way to better decision-making.

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Areas of Expertise

Stone Counsel is committed to explaining and expanding on your case to help you feel at ease with your decisions. Above all, we intend to earn your trust no matter what legal problems you’re facing, including:

Personal injury representation

We’re prepared to put our experience to work in order to rapidly evaluate your claim, protect the necessary evidence and move to a result you deserve.

Real estate transactions

Your largest assets should be protected with sound legal advice.

Consultation regarding issues at work

Whether your problem is concerned with the payment of wages, a hostile work environment, discrimination or violation of the ADA, we can help.

Handling the Events of Life

Everyone can better handle the events of life with legal advice early in the process. No matter what arises, you must treat the situation with the same level of respect and care as other business matters. For this reason, it’s essential to delve into the details and discuss value as soon as possible.

If, for any reason, you have needs beyond our expertise, we’ll ensure that you have someone who can properly advocate for you and your situation. We look forward to serving you and your legal representation needs.

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