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Richard Paul Stone has been practicing law in the New York metropolitan area for nearly 30 years and has operated his own office since 2005. After a career in classical music performance, he has approached the law with similar discipline and attention to detail.

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Applying those values to excellent experience at some of the City’s finer firms, Mr. Stone was fortunate to work in various disciplines including commercial and real estate litigation, medical and legal negligence, Labor Law and products liability, and employment discrimination and executive consultation and compensation.  With deep experience at each stage of litigation, he can develop your case, conduct thorough discovery, prepare and execute a trial plan, and protect your interests on appeal.

Richard Paul Stone

Richard Paul Stone has been blessed with the opportunities of great mentors and experience, working to develop professional habits that enable him to consistently deliver valuable service to his clients.

He wants you to have what you need, when you need it, at a price that makes sense.  Focusing on details in the context of risk versus reward analysis, he will strive to present the questions that must be answered so you have the information you need to decide how to proceed.

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Areas of Practice


Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Representing businesses in both litigations and transactions.


Appeals and Motions

Representing attorneys who require appellate advocacy or motion expertise.



Representing individuals in the events of life, including obtaining compensation for personal injuries, problems at work or with real estate transactions.

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