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Appeals and Motions

As your colleague in private practice, Mr. Stone knows that pride presumes you can handle any project on any case. However, having represented attorneys for over 30 years, he also knows that every lawyer faces constraints on time and resources that warrant a second opinion.

That second opinion should come from an experienced advocate of appellate services with expertise in a broad array of legal areas. In some cases, the greatest value may be derived from using that expertise to set up the underlying motion or appeal in order to maximize your positon on appeal. This may demonstrate to clients that you’re willing to do everything in your power to help them, which may add value to your practice and hopefully your wallet, as well.

Our Appellate Services

When it comes to our appellate services, one of Stone Counsel’s primary goals is to help you become a more successful litigator. Even though you’re undoubtedly more than capable, the pressures of practice management may make certain stages of litigation difficult to execute profitably. These may include:

  • Appeals, of all matters in all courts, including civil commercial, civil tort and Family Court
  • Motions for summary judgment
  • Trial motions, for relief in limine, special trial issues and those after trial, including judgement notwithstanding verdict (JNOV)
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Let Stone Counsel Handle Your Appeal

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What Makes Us Valuable

Without incurring the long-term expense of hiring a full-time attorney, you can quickly ease the burdens of your practice with a high-level of professionalism. In fact, Stone Counsel has represented clients across a wide spectrum of subject areas, focusing cases and executing strategies swiftly and efficiently.

Our value is magnified during consultation before you file a complaint, or even at the motion stage when the issues are narrowed for appeal. After all, the smallest error at the start of a long journey can leave you miles from your intended destination.

Assisting Clients with Appeals and Motions

We have helped many attorneys identify their own clients’ claims, determine what evidence may be strongest at trial, classify key legal issues that may derail a recovery and set up powerful closings for presentation to a jury. A second set of eyes can be especially useful if you find yourself litigating for the first time in a certain area of the law.

Just remember, the earlier in the process we’re involved, the better chance we have of keeping you on the right track to take or defend an appeal after motion or trial.

To get a sense of our work, we also offer examples of briefs on topics, such as federal pre-emption, automobile no-fault and medical negligence liability.

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