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Your Trusted Business Advisor

Stone Counsel commonly meets clients needing commercial litigation or arbitration representation, often after the original attorney proved unsatisfactory. Others come to us seeking counsel concerning business transactions.

Regardless, our ultimate goal is to become your trusted advisor for any and all legal needs.

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Commercial Litigation and Arbitration Representation

Litigation and Transactions are Business Deals

Litigation is a transaction with unique risks and an external set of rules imposed by a court or arbitrator. Like any other transaction, litigation must be evaluated at every step with cost-benefit analysis and evaluation of the odds of success.

You Can’t Fix What You Don’t See

You want to protect your business before trouble strikes. That’s why we offer a preliminary examination of a business’s leases, insurance information, employment protocol and more for a reasonable flat fee. This makes it easier to avoid costs and interruptions stemming from these problems, so businesses can move forward with confidence.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

No one can succeed without diligent, meaningful preparation. Whether you’re presenting an offer in a business deal, interviewing a contractor for an important task or deciding whether to pursue a litigated recovery, you cannot make the right decisions without sound reflection on all of the facts. That’s the foundation of a trusted advisor relationship.

Why Businesses Choose Stone Counsel

All companies need experienced, informed and clear legal advice to stay profitable in both small and large matters, often on short notice.

Stone Counsel strives to make this an easy, affordable process for all of our clients. We endeavor to impart a culture that helps them focus on evaluating their position and improving business habits, including sound record keeping, to minimize future risk and improve profitability. If a challenge does arise, good practices will give businesses better, more effective resources for defending their rights.

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Getting Ahead

When disputes cannot be resolved, we will demonstrate your strongest position, evaluate the costs to protect it and prepare to execute it. Victory seldom comes until your adversary feels the sting of attack and mounting costs.

However, cool heads remember that businesses must always treat litigation or arbitration as a business deal. Companies can only really profit when equipped with the information needed to balance the anticipated costs against the potential benefits.

We here at Stone Counsel are prepared to show how our commercial litigation and arbitration services can bring value to you and your business.

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