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From New York to California


Small and Medium Sized Businesses

If you are a business seeking practical advice, or representation in resolving a dispute through litigation or arbitration

   Your business needs reliable legal advice to keep it on a profitable course.  That may involve anticipating and heading off legal distractions, or protecting your business assets with rigorous advocacy, whether in court, the marketplace or with government.  We work with clients to impart a culture of practice habits that add just a little time to your transactions but focus you, and your staff, on both evaluating your business’s position and improving its practices for the future to limit risk and improve profitability.  Some of those principles are described in our recent white paper entitled “Preparing Your Business for its Next Lawsuit” (to read, enter here).   When disputes do arise, these habits will give your business better resources to defend its rights.

When a dispute cannot be resolved, counsel must identify your business’s strongest position and champion it diligently.  Victory seldom comes until your adversary feels the sting of attack and the worry of mounting costs.  However, the battle is often to the wise, those who treat a litigation or arbitration as a specialized business deal: As with any other deal, the “profit” is the gain minus the expense, and that expense is best measured by both fees and ongoing business losses, whether from distraction or lost opportunities.  You can only manage such a deal to a “profit” when you have the information you need to balance cost and potential benefit.   More detail can be found in our recent white paper entitled “Care and Feeding of Business Counsel on a Budget” (to read, enter here).

We look forward to discussing with you how legal services can bring value to your business.  We believe that, over time, we can become the trusted counselor your business needs to remain on its profitable course.


If you are an attorney seeking assistance such as an appeal

   We want to help you be a more successful litigator.  While you are more than capable of handling every aspect of each client’s case, the pressures of practice management make certain stages of the litigation process difficult to execute profitably at the same level of expertise you apply to the balance of the case. These kinds of projects include:

  • appeals, of all matters in all courts, including civil commercial, civil tort, criminal and Family Court

  • motions for summary judgment

  • trial motions, for relief in limine, special trial issues, and those after trial, including JNOV

Without incurring the long-term expense of another employed professional, you can ease the burdens of your practice at a high level of professionalism on a moment’s notice.   I have represented clients across a spectrum of subject areas, but offer examples of briefs on topics including federal pre-emption (to read, enter here) , automobile no-fault and (to read, enter here) and medical negligence liability (to read, enter here).  Please call if you have questions on any other cases.

We have had great success joining a project at the motion stage so that issues are most clear and well supported so that, in the event of an appeal, the record is strongest.

We may also be able to add value to your cases by consulting, even before you file a complaint, as to what claims may lie, what evidence may be strongest at trial and what legal issues may threaten to derail a recovery.  Particularly when you are litigating in an area for the first time, a second opinion may help you chart your course more favorably.


If you are an individual seeking compensation for personal injuries, advise on problems at work, or sale of property

   Real people need real answers.  But many people never reach out for the legal counsel to answer their questions.  Some are stopped by cost. We make every attempt to listen to what you want limit your expense by tailoring our advice to give you just what you need.  Many others shy away because they are uncomfortable or confused by the terminology: In fact, what most people need is simple and straight forward, and we try to explain it so you feel at ease with your decisions.  Others simply do not trust attorneys. We intend to earn your trust and understand that that may take more than one consultation for these common problems:

  •  personal injury representation - we are prepared to put our experience to work quickly to evaluate your claim, protect the evidence you will need to prove your case, and move you to a result you deserve

  • real estate transactions - your largest asset should be protected with sound legal advice

  • consultation regarding problems at work - whether your concern is proper payment of wages, creation of hostile work environments, discrimination or violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act

     We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.